Help for Travelreporter

Help forusing the app


The trips view
In the Trips view you can see all your trips. You can also edit them by tapping on them. If you tap the edit button or swipe over a trip you can also delete it

You have also a "+" button. Tap this to start a trip.

This will show the start trip view

Starting a trip
In the start trip view, you will see a map showing your current location.

You can change the map to Map, Satellite and Hybrid, if you want to use it for navigation puposes.

To start a trip you just tap the Start trip button.

As soon as you see the text "You can start on your trip!", you can lock the screen and start driving.

Stop your trip
To stop your trip, just tap the Stop trip button. You will be asked if you really want to stop.

In the settings for Travelreporter you can set that you want to choose a Place/Customer and/or a car after you have tapped the Stop trip button. If you have made that choice, you will be presented with views for choosing those.

Then you just tap Save trip and you are finished.

Editing a trip

When you have saved the trip, you can go back to it and edit it. You can edit every item on the trip.

For instance you can change the addresses on the trip. If, during the trip, you didn't have network access and didn't get any addresses you can tap the refresh button, to get the addresses, from the saved locations.

You can also add a place/customer or a car.

if you want to have some additional information you can always add a note, that will show up on the report.

Using cars
If you want to track car use, you should enable the Carchooser after stop trip item in the settings. You will then be presented with a chooser view after each trip, to make you choose what car you used.

You can then see what distance and time you have used that car in the reports. If you log your refuelings on that car you will also see your mileage on that fuel in the report

Using places


Trips view

To start a trip

Running trip