Customers, Projects and Times

Times, Projects and Customers are linked to each other

Adding a new customer
All times are linked to a project and a customer. So before you can add any times you have to create a customer and a project.

The customer contains name, contact information etc. This information is used when you later on create an invoice or report.

When creating a customer by tapping on the plus-sign, you can choose to create it from an existing contact in contacts. If the contact does not contain all the information, you can add it later.

You can also choose to create a customer from scratch, then you have to enter all the information yourself. On the customer page you can see summaries of times and money, total for the customer and the sum of not yet invoiced. When the customer is created and saved you can go on to create a project.

Adding a new project
The project is the place to add your hourly fee. The fee is then used to calculate the summaries in reports and invoices. Here you can see the summaries of the times and money for the project.

On the project page you have a list of all the times not yet invoiced. When the project is saved you can start to add times by tapping add times.

Adding times
A time consists of a starttime and an endtime, you can also add expenses you have had at the same time.
If you want to add an expense that does not have a corresponding time, you should add an endtime that is the same as the starttime. The starttime will always default to now, rounded according to the setting i minute step (settings).

This means that in order to add a starttime, you only have to tap add time and then tap save. You can later open the time and add the endtime, comment, expense and expense comment.
The times in the project will show up in reverse order, last at the top. You can see the start and endtimes and the hours and money.