You can create different reports with a lot of parameters

Creating reports
By tapping on Report settings you get to the settings page.

Reports are created by entering report settings. You can choose a startdate (inclusive) and an enddate (inclusive). You can also choose to include invoiced times and include expenses.

Finally you can Choose only summary. Then you will only get the headers for Customer and Project and the totals for each.
When you are finished you tap on Report and you will see the report.

Saving reports
By tapping on Save report the report will be saved on your iPhone.
The report will be saved in three different formats:
  • HTML
  • XML
  • csv (comma separated values)
These reports are then accessed and downloaded to a computer on your local network by tapping on export and starting the web-server on the iPhone.
(See export help.)

Then you can print them, import them in different other applications etc.

Report Settings