You can create invoices and send by e-mail or print from your computer

Creating invoices

By tapping on the plus sign you will create an invoice. The invoice is created by setting which customer you want and which project to include. If you want you can create one invoice from all the projects on a customer. The projects will then come up as one line per project on the invoice.

You should then choose the startdate and enddate for the invoice. This will be used for the selection of the times that will be included.

Invoice date and Due date is just what it says.

Comment is a text that will appear on the invoice, so you can add a comment for the customer to see

Invoice is paid is used later to mark the invoice as paid when you have got payment for the invoice.

Reference is the customers reference, if you don't enter anything here, the contact person on the customer form is used

When you are finished you tap on Save.

Looking at the invoice

The finished invoice page will hold some basic data

  • An invoice no, this is taken from the settings (next invoice no). The number will count up automatically as you add invoices.
  • Customer name and project name
  • The Invoice date and Due date
  • The Total amount on the invoice
  • Times which will take you to a list of the included times
  • Invoice, that will show you the finished invoice in HTML format.
If you make any changes to the invoice you should tap Edit and then Done to regenerate the HTML and include your changes.

The finished invoice have your company data on it taken from settings. It also has VAT or sales tax calculated from the settings, where you can set percentage and name of the tax. Finally there are bank or payments details, also taken from settings.

Sending the invoice

There are to ways to send the invoice

  • Sending the Invoice directly from your iPhone by mail
  • Using the web-server on the iPhone and picking up the invoice on your computer, and printing it and sending it by ordinary mail.
    All the invoices are saved and accessible from the your computer as soon as they are created.
To send the invoice from your iPhone you go to the "HTML-invoice", check that all is correct and then tap Send as e-mail. You will then be taken to the e-mail app, with the contact persons name filled in the send to field.

If you want, you can add some text to the e-mail and then tap send. The invoice will be sent and the sending date will bee added to te invoice page.


Invoice data