Quick help and Help texts

If you tap on help in the app, you can read various help-texts

Quick start
Customers and times
Start by adding a customer. If you choose to add a customer from contacts, you can add data to the customer later.

The only data that is mandatory is the name of the customer, however when you start making invoices you probably>BR> should include the address too.

After you have added the customer you add a project. Here you should enter a name and a hourly fee.

Now you are ready to add times to the project. You can add a starttime and an endtime, and if you have some other expenses you can add them too.

If you tap on Report Settings you can enter different critera.

When you tap on Report you will see the report results. Tap on save report when you are finished.

You can create invoices by date, Customer and project. When you save the invoice an html-file will be created and the times will be marked as invoiced.

You can see the invoice and send it as an email, by tapping on the filename

when the invoice is paid, you should mark it as paid.

All deleting is done with swiping as you do in the mail application etc.

When you choose start server, you can get your saved reports (html, xml and csv) and your invoices from a browser on a computer on the same local wifi-network.

There you can print them, import the reports in other applications, create pdf to send in mail etc.

In Settings you can add your own company's data, address etc, you can also choose if you want to include VAT, by what percentage and what name to use on the tax.

The data will be used when creating invoices.