Svensk Manual
A mileagelog that is extremely easy to use!

Do you have to keep a mileage log but thinks it is a bore.

Travelreporter makes it as easy as it can be. Tap start trip when you enter the car and then tap stop trip when you are at your destination. Travelreporter will automatically log your start address, end address, distance travelled, time for the trip, and, if you want, place/customer and what car you have used. It will also keep your odometer reading up to date.

You don't have to enter any text, but if you want, you can add a note or an expense. And if you should forget to stop your trip you will be reminded after standing still for 10 minutes.

You can create different reports, which you can send by e-mail, save to your computer, to you Dropbox or print.

You can also follow up your fuel consumption per car. The only thing you have to do is enter the amount, when you refuel your car.

The trip can log Date, Start address, End Address, Start time, End time, expense, Total time for the trip, Distance travelled, Place/Customer, Car used and Notes.

You can sort the reports, with subtotals on Place/Customer and Car. You will get an abbreviated report on the iPhone and a full report that you can email, print or copy to your computer or Dropbox both as an HTML report and as a .csv-report for MS Excel etc.

When you stop a trip you can, if you want, get a list of Places/Customers sorted on Start or End place, to choose from, for easy finding.

You can also get a list of cars to choose from.

Travelreporter will log everything in the background, so you can make a phone call or user other apps during your trip or you can lock the screen to save battery.

You can see your trip and your places on a map during the trip, to help you navigate to the destination.

Print or send nice reports